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is a scuba diver’s travel guide to the Florida Keys. My mission is to inspire you to care about the underwater world through education, exploration and storytelling. I hope my content will urge you to visit the Florida Keys and experience the beauty firsthand.

FL Keys 101

Florida Keys Map

An overview of this beautiful island chain.

Diver's Guide

Dive Documentaries Contributor Carlos Estape

Planning a dive trip to the Florida Keys? Find out what you need to know.

Dive Sites

The wreck of the Benwood

Watch documentaries on dive sites throughout the Keys, and get inspired.

Dive Shops

Keys Diver Boat

Find a dive operator to take you to the reef.

Featured Dive Site

Featured Snorkel Site


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Dive Documentaries Founder Jason Boone

Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Jason Boone, the founder of DiveDocumentaries.com. I hope you’ve been enjoying the content my contributors and I have been creating and sharing with you. Our mission is to show you the beauty of the Florida Keys, and to inspire you to visit this amazing place.

We have a lot of great content coming out soon which we hope you will enjoy. If you have friends interested in the outdoors, please invite them to check out our website!

Jason Boone