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Benwood Wreck

During WWII, near midnight on April 9th, 1942, the Norwegian merchant freighter Benwood was on a routine path from Florida to Virginia, transporting a load of phosphate rock. It was running with no lights to avoid being spotted by German U-boats, which was common for ships throughout the war. But the Benwood wasn’t the only […]

USCG Duane

The Duane was a US Coast Guard Cutter launched in 1936 as a search and rescue and law enforcement vessel. This 327ft ship saw action in WWII and the Vietnam War, and was put down as an artificial reef in the mid 80s. The main deck of the Duane is at roughly 100ft, while the […]

Dry Rocks – Christ of the Deep

Along with Molasses Reef, the Christ of the Deep statue is one of the most visited dive spots in Key Largo. This 9-foot tall bronze statue of Christ rests in 25 feet of water, and was created by Italian sculptor Guido Galletti. It was donated to John Pennekamp Park in 1965. Christ of the Deep […]

Molasses Reef

Arguably one of the most popular dive spots in Key Largo, Molasses Reef is easy to find, with a 45ft light tower marking it’s location. This spur-and-groove reef system is large, and has an average depth of 35ft, which gives divers ample bottom time to explore. Because of its depth and size, Molasses is a […]

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USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32)

The USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32) was a landing ship dock that belonged to the United States Navy. The ship was decommissioned in October of 1989, and after it’s sinking in 2002 it became (for a short period of time) the largest artificial reef in the world. During it’s sinking, the vessel flipped over unexpectedly, and [...]

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Grecian Rocks

Grecian Rocks reef is roughly half a mile in length, and is a popular spot among snorkelers being that in many places it is only 5ft deep. During low tide parts of the reef line actually come out of the water. The reef overflows with sea life, especially parrotfish, barracuda, elkhorn coral and queen conch. [...]

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City of Washington

On the night of February 15, 1898, City of Washington was moored in Havana harbor near the USS Maine when Maine exploded in the incident that precipitated the Spanish-American War. City of Washington suffered minor damage in the explosion, but assisted in the rescue of Maine’s crew by sending out lifeboats and providing her dining salon for use as a makeshift hospital. The efforts of City of Washington and the Spanish [...]

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