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Jason Boone created Dive Documentaries to inspire viewers to care about the Florida Keys underwater world through education, exploration and storytelling. He has a BA in Television Production and an MA in Digital Journalism and Design, and a passion for short-form documentary filmmaking. His work has been featured on National Geographic, Discovery, Current TV and Yahoo!.

Sharks of the Florida Keys
Many tourists have a misplaced fear when it comes to sharks. The truth behind the matter is that an encounter with a shark is a thrilling, positively rare experience. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing shark species you can find in the waters of the Florida Keys.

Sharks of the Florida Keys

Conch Republic Flag 1
The Florida Keys is a true playground. This long skinny chain of islands provides visitors with a plethora of activities, for any style of traveler.

Florida Keys 101

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North Dry Rocks
North Dry Rocks is home to Minnow Cave, where thousands of Silversides come to visit in the summertime. There's nothing quite like swimming through a cave packed with minnows. Truly a unique experience.

North Dry Rocks (Minnow Cave)

USCG Duane 2
Hailed by many as the best wreck dive in the Atlantic, the USCG Duane is a wonderful advanced dive. Unlike other large wreck dives, you can explore the entirety of the Duane in one dive.

USCG Duane

Molasses Reef 1
With 30+ mooring buoys, Molasses Reef has plenty to explore and is one of the premiere Key Largo dive sites. You can stick close to the tower for some snorkeling or venture into Deep Molasses. Be sure to check out the historic Winch Hole near mooring buoy #8.

Molasses Reef

Benwood Wreck
A natural WWII wreck, the Benwood is a fascinating site to explore. Bursting with wildlife, and at a relatively shallow depth (45ft), this wreck is one of a kind. If you have time, do a night dive here.


City of Washington
A WWI era wreck, the City of Washington is located further out into the Gulf Stream, blessing it with great visibility. Large goliath grouper hang out here with a native moray eel. Be sure to explore the rest of surrounding Elbow Reef. A stunning spot.

City of Washington

Snorkeling on Grecian Rocks in the Florida Keys
Grecian Rocks is a snorkelers paradise. Even in bad weather and rough seas you can find calm areas of Grecian to explore, since the reef acts as a barrier. Keep your eyes peeled for schools of colorful parrotfish, and roaming curious barracuda. If you want to dive, go to the south end and look for neighboring Banana Reef.

Grecian Rocks

Spiegel Grove
The hulking USS Spiegel Grove is another flagship spot for divers visiting the Florida Keys. At over 500 feet in length, you'll need to do multiple dives to really explore this massive artificial reef.

USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32)

Tiger Shark Sighting 1
This morning our good friend Troy Wheatley from Horizon Divers spotted a large Tiger Shark chowing down on a turtle, and he was able to nab some video of the encounter. As you can read in his description, he was a mere 1.68 miles inshore from Grecian Rocks! Exciting sighting.

Tiger Shark Sighting in Key Largo

Carly Mejeur Artwork
Florida Artist Carly Mejeur talks about her unique nautical chart paintings, and her take on our interactions with the natural world. For more information on Carly’s artwork, check out: @carlymarineart (Instagram)

Carly Mejeur – Nautical Chart Paintings