Behind the Photograph – Silversides on the Benwood

Atlantic Silverside
Silverside minnows are one of the great natural occurrences we have here in the Florida Keys. Every year, around June, they cover our reefs and wrecks. When I first moved to the keys ten years ago, all the dive boats headed out to minnow caves around this time of year.  It was the site best known for the silversides and proved to be a great draw for all level of divers. Several years ago, silversides started making an appearance on some new reefs and wrecks.  We started seeing them on the Spiegel Grove, the wreck of the Benwood, and Horseshoe Reef. This past summer I also found them on several unmarked locations and on some of our deeper reef locations that are less frequently visited. This photo is from the wreck of the Benwood, summer of 2013.  You can see how the silversides encase the wreck and make a river that ebbs and flows.  It’s an amazing sight and should certainly be on everyone’s dive list. Aside from the amazing river of silversides, you also get to see the myriad of critters that come in just to feast on the silversides.  There’s never a shortage of grouper, barracuda, and tarpon.  If you have never seen this phenomenon, plan a trip and catch it while you can.  The minnows are usually gone by mid August!


Atlantic Silversides on the Benwood Wreck

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Kim started diving in 2003, and soon after became a certified instructor. She moved to Key Largo in 2005 to pursue a diving career, teaching for the next 7 years. Her interests eventually led her into underwater photography, specifically animal portraiture and macro.