Making Of

Ikelite Canon 550D Camera Rig
Here are some photos I took of my underwater rig that I use for Dive Documentaries. I shoot with a Canon 550D T2i in an Ikelite housing with a big ole dome port and a Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens. Rigged a sweet little tripod setup that is actually a […]

My Camera Rig!

Well, I finally completed the first 7 short-form documentaries of this Key Largo underwater travel guide! I am roughly 1/3 of the way finished with this project, since Key Largo has over 20 popular scuba diving spots worthy of a short-form documentary. The next step is to use this website […]

First 7 documentaries DONE!

Last weekend I went down to Pompano Beach to get my Advanced Open Water Certification. While the Open Water Certification allows you to dive to 60ft deep, the Advanced Open Water Certification allows you to dive down to the recreational limit of 130ft. I need this certification so that I […]

Advanced Open Water Certification!

Goliath Grouper
Last weekend I went out to shoot a shipwreck called the City of Washington on the gorgeous Elbow Reef. After interviewing several people from the dive industry in Key Largo, I had heard time and again how Elbow Reef was a favorite. And after diving the City of Washington, I was convinced why. […]

Goliath Grouper

This past weekend I spent some time testing out my underwater tripod rig, both in my pool and out on the reefs of Key Largo. My mission was to get several rock-steady shots on an especially shallow reef. This particular tripod wasn’t made for shooting underwater, so I had to […]

Tripod Test

Jason Boone prepping underwater camera gear
I finally got a chance to take the new camera equipment for a test run. Shooting video underwater poses unique challenges. Color and light change drastically at different depths, and buoyancy control is paramount. I encountered a large number of issues that I need to troubleshoot and learn from, but […]

First Underwater Shoot!

So I used to raise the initial funds for this project. I raised money to pay for the underwater camera housing equipment, and also to cover travel costs for several trips to the Keys. This was my first attempt at fundraising, and it was definitely an eye opener. My goal was […]

Fundraising Highlights

Snorkeling at Grecian Rocks
I always love to hear how projects and ideas are born, so I thought that I would take a moment and share how the idea for Dive Documentaries came to be. So every year for the past six years my family and I have had a birthday tradition of going on […]

Dive Documentaries – The Beginning