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Part of the Florida Keys Wreck Trek, the Eagle is one the most popular dive sites in the upper Florida Keys. Located only four miles off the coast, reaching this site takes a short boat ride from the Islamorada area. This wreck sat upright for more than ten years, until In September of 1998 Hurricane Georges pushed the Eagle over and broke her in half. The category 4 storm tore through other parts of the caribbean causing major damage and killing hundreds of people.

Resting in 110ft of water, the ship wreck reaches up into the 60ft range. This shallow depth allows divers a unique opportunity for extended bottom time utilizing standard air. Nevertheless, you still need an advanced certification to dive this site. Like the USCG Duane in Key Largo, the wreck of the Eagle is roughly 300ft in length. This is much shorter than the hulking Spiegel Grove, which measures out to over 500ft. The shorter length allows divers the opportunity to explore the entire wreck in one dive. And when visibility is good, you can gaze down the entire length of the wreck.

Since it was put down in the 1980s, the Eagle had plenty of time to develop into a thriving artificial reef system. The wreck is well known for its plethora of wildlife, including large schools of fish and colorful coral encasing the ship. The diversity of wildlife changes as you swim down the length of the ship, making for a fun exploration.

The Eagle is frequented by large pelagics, and divers are often surprised with rare sightings. Such sightings include the smalltooth sawfish, hammerheads, bull sharks, and spotted eagle rays. One lucky dive even came face to face with a great white shark cruising the area.

If you are diving anywhere in the Upper Keys, the Eagle should not be skipped over.

Fast Facts


Skill Level

Average Depth
60ft (20m)

Max Depth
110ft (35m)


Mooring Buoys


Depth, Visibility



The-Eagle Wreck
The Eagle Wreck


Mooring Buoy Map of the USCG Duane

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