Underwater Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to the Perfect Snapshot

Underwater Photography Tips for Beginners

Taking underwater photographs is a difficult task, but it’s even harder as a beginner. However, newbies in this field are extremely capable of capturing breathtaking underwater photos. Often, they just need a little jumpstart by researching the right underwater photography method and components.

This infographic from Water Welders focuses on underwater photography tips for beginners. We want to pay special attention to a few points on here, as these areas can make or break your skill.

Light is quickly suppressed underwater. The closer your are to your marine animals or plants, the better the turnout. Use the natural light to your advantage as much as possible – try not to use artificial substitutes directly on the subject.

If you can’t get the sunlight you need, strobes are the next best thing.You can control the lighting strength and diffusion on your subject with strobes. Just be warned: They’re a little pricey, so wait until you have the cash on hand to choose some good ones.

Check out the list of underwater camera options. Whether mobile, compact or DSLR, choose what you feel is best for your skill and style. Mobile’s small size and convenience is a big strength, but DSLR’s are known for their options and processing power. Find a camera that gives you the best bang for your buck.

More angles mean more options. Take pictures from as many angles as you can. After all, you’re swimming in water, not standing on land.

Make sure you understand how backscatter works. It often detracts from an otherwise great underwater photo.

By using these fundamental underwater photography tips, you’re well on your way from a beginner to an intermediate professional. Remember, when it comes down to it, there’s no better teacher than experienced underwater photographers. Set up a time to swim with one – they’ll help you master your skills.

Underwater Photography Tips for Beginners

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